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Save the Whales T-shirt, Workwear, Sustainable

Save the Whales T-shirt, Workwear, Sustainable

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100% Cotton high quality vintage workwear short sleeve T-Shirt, varying sizes. Color- Black


This inaugural design was created by Curb/Cut and BIGFOOT founder, Meghan McGuire. 5% of every sale goes to the Ocean Conservancy, an organization focused on solving some of the greatest threats facing our oceans. Their work with world fishing industries to create science-based solutions to renew fisheries that support local economies is the specific program of interest. 



Do you remember those "Save the Whales" T-shirts everyone wore in the 1980s?

After reading an article about the deadly affects of ocean plastics on whales, I jumped onto the internet to try to find the design, which I fairly remembered from childhood. I found an online store selling a "Save the Whales" design. I noticed they are printed on wholesale blanks; a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend. Polyester is a source of secondary micro plastics. Whales that survive on plankton are not able to filter out micro plastics- they are also often found stranded, full of larger items like plastic bags, dying painful deaths from cachexia, or "wasting syndrome." The takeaway? Purchasing newly manufactured polyester does nothing to help "Save the Whales." 

This design represents a new, authentic call to action. All the pieces were carefully selected from a Long Beach charity that works to find solutions for people experiencing housing vulnerability. Thanks for purchasing and helping reduce harm on whales, and wearing these clothes to show people they can join the club too. 

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