🚀 From Magazines to Movements: The Curb/Cut Origin Story - BIGFOOT MAGAZINE

🚀 From Magazines to Movements: The Curb/Cut Origin Story

Half a decade ago, armed with the dream of creating a platform for women's skateboarding, I launched BIGFOOT Magazine. Quickly realizing the financial challenges ahead, I looked for solutions. Enter the Mercy Corps small business program, a lifeline that granted $5,000, allowing me to invest in printing equipment for creating our own magazine swag.

👕 Turning Deadstock into Declarations

To keep things sustainable as possible, we turned deadstock T-shirts into iconic BIGFOOT swag. This sparked the birth of Curb/Cut - a service for others too. Through this venture, we are curbing pollution by cutting traditional production methods, making sustainable practices accessible and stylish.

🌱 LOSH Sore Muscle Rub - Soothing Relief for Everyone

The journey doesn't end there. Collaborating with a friend in Washington State, we introduced LOSH - a CBD Sore Muscle Rub tailored for skateboarding enthusiasts. A remedy born out of love for the skateboarding community.

💚 Beyond Swag and Rubs: A Vision for Change

Why this store? Why these ventures? It's all about supporting a big dream - to nurture and champion women's skateboarding. Having experienced the challenges of a problematic skateboarding culture, I'm personally driven to help create a better, more inclusive one for the generations to come.

🌈 Join the Curb/Cut Club - Shred, Swag, Heal!

Every purchase contributes to a vision beyond a shop. BIGFOOT is a rallying point for those who believe in a brighter, inclusive, diverse skateboarding future.

Thanks for your support and friendship!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Courtney Ramos

I make my boyfriend rub my back every night since I got this. It really works.

Love me some LOSH

A couple weeks after my first order of LOSH arrived in the mail, I sprained my ankle quite badly in the middle of rural Maine. I admit I had doubts about whether it would help, but LOSH and ice was what I had to treat the injury so I hoped for the best. It most definitely helped! After 2 days, I was back to nearly normal.

Love this stuff! It smells wonderful too. Ordered another for my active older mom. Thanks for making such a great salve!

New Woman Cream!

Put the Losh on my kinked shoulder and neck and woke up a new woman! That was so easy. And smells fabu. Coffee table worthy.

april jones
Don't Blow it!

If you have sore muscles and don't have LOSH, you're blowing it!!! I give this a full 5-pentagram star review.

brendan scott
Balm Dot Calm

This stuff has done wonders for my neck and knees, plus it smells amazzzzinnnggg