Curb/Cut is sustainable clothing company located in Long Beach, California that produces mindfully-sourced merchandise. Each item is hand-picked, designed, printed and finished with our Fresh Quality seal. Individual, limited collections are designed by guest artists and 5% of each sale goes directly to the environmental non-profit of their choice. The remainder of proceeds go to BIGFOOT and our mission to support the non-traditional skateboarding community via creative media. 


Curb/Cut is the sister brand of BIGFOOT Magazine, a media company I started in 2019 to support female and non-binary-identifying skateboarders. It started as promotional swag for the magazine, then developed an identity and mission of its own; to curb pollution by cutting production within the environmentally disastrous garment industry.

As a designer, I enjoyed making T-shirt graphics for years. But my outlook changed when I learned more about how damaging the garment industry is for our planet. Now, when I looked at new boxes of cheap wholesale shirts, all I saw was trash.

So I rethought my process. I began I picking garments individually from a used clothing wholesaler, dyeing them with water-soluble Indigo, and screened them at a friends print shop. Slowly, I fine-tuned my system and was able to create a well-branded, high-quality up-cycled product to promoting BIGFOOT. 


Alex White (right) in the original sustainable swag design. 

After moving to Long Beach in March 2022 I decided to take our clothing operation to the next level. Now, Curb/Cut is hand-picked, fresh quality vintage and dead stock, designed and printed in-house. I am very selective about the garments I choose which consist of T-shirts, button ups and lightweight/chore coats. All of the pieces I choose are high-quality work-wear, vintage and designer. I choose from a variety of designs created for each collection to uniquely customize each piece.

Whenever I'm thrifting or picking clothes, I'm always looking to find to match things with their perfect "pair," whether that is myself, family or a friend.


Each collection is numbered via this quality seal, incorporated into all the designs. It is inspired by produce grocery stickers.

The inaugural "Save the Whales" collection is my personal design and proceeds will go to the Ocean Conservancy, which I chose for their work supporting global micro-economies by restoring fisheries, one of many effective conservancy projects across the globe. 

We use this same system to create sustainable apparel for other businesses

Another focus of Curb/Cut is to share our knowledge on environmental business practices within skateboarding, a multibillion dollar industry with huge potential to influence change. This includes educating individuals, collaborating with sustainable projects like Shred Cycle and Hyena, and consulting with businesses and corporations on ways to join the club.