Sustainable Merch

Sustainable Merch

Any way you slice it, marketing and promotion is essential. From sunglasses to mini hand sanitizer to key rings to chap stick, it's cheap and easy to slap your logo on almost any inexpensive, disposable item. And long after the final sale, all of that stuff will remain on earth, peddling shuttered startups from the corner of a landfill or middle of the ocean. 

But your customer base has changed. People are more concerned with the future of our planet than a koozie with your name on it, and plastic crap can actually negatively affect your sales. Consumers want to spend their money at places that share the same values. 

And polyester = plastic. I bought hundreds of blank, 50/50 wholesale T-shirts to design apparel for businesses in Portland before understanding the environmental impact. So I developed an upcycling system for my own business, BIGFOOT Magazine. After lots of fine tuning, I got a grant and bought my own equipment, with the intention to help others do the same. 

From design to creation, we do it all from our studio in Long Beach California. The Fresh Quality seal is integrated into each piece, to confirm our high standard of excellence. 

If you are interested in joining the Curb/Cut Club and making your business easier on the environment let's talk.

Contact Meghan McGuire at or call (503) 539-7309.