We're always on the hunt for...

We're always on the hunt for...

We are always looking for T-Shirts, button ups and chore coats. Deadstock, vintage and quality resale with no non-removable branding, including tags (we don't buy items with tags that are printed on the garment.)

T-shirts- Pull tags (no printed-on tags) no rips, holes, armpit damage or discoloration. 100% cotton is preferable. Workwear is ideal. Black, white, navy, yellow, orange, light blue and earth tones are great. Plain T-shirts a preferable but long sleeve and pocket tees are also considered. 

Button Ups- Lightly patterned short sleeve button ups in good condition are ideal, but we carry long sleeve too, in black, navy, yellow, orange, light blue. Pull tags are preferred but we also accept sewn-in tags that can be removed with a seam ripper. 

Chore Coats- Our definition of "chore coat" is a little loose, a classic chore coat is a lightweight/canvas, button up canvas coat with front pockets, that you would wear while doing chores. We love these, but are also interested in lightweight coats of all kinds; jean jackets, blazers, pull-overs, coaches jackets and members-only in good condition without non-removable branding are the goal. 

If you have stock you think we should check out, or have a lead on some, please contact us at curbcutclub@gmail.com